Create Ayushman Bharat Health Account - ABHA Health ID Card

ABHA (Health ID) card is a 14 digit unique number with which you can link all your health records digitally. Create your ABHA Health ID card using an Aadhar number in less than 30 seconds.

Create Ayushman Bharat Health Account
ABHA (Health ID) Card
Benefits of ABHA Health ID card
  • Receive all medical records such as lab reports and prescriptions from verified doctors & hospitals on your ABHA (Health ID) address.
  • Show your ABHA Health ID card and never stand in long queues to fill out a hospital admission form.

Desh Ka Doctor is an Approved partner of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) to create an ABHA Health ID card.

What is ABHA or National Health ID Card?

Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) or Health ID is the government of India initiative under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) for Indian citizens to create a single repository of all their health-related information. Creating Health Id Card or ABHA number along with an ABHA address or PHR address will help everyone to receive all kinds of medical reports and prescriptions digitally from the doctors and other health service providers.

It is important to note that:

1. The health records linked with Health ID or ABHA number will only be accessible with the informed consent of the individuals.

2. Once the Health ID card or ABHA number has been generated, individuals will also have an option to generate an alias, similar to the email ID - xyz@ndhm with a password, known as ‘ABHA address’ ( Previously known as ‘PHR address’). The alias concerned with the Health ID Cards will make ABHA more accessible.

How to create ABHA or Health ID?

Individuals can create their ABHA in 3 easy steps:

1.Enter your 10 Digit Phone Number and authenticate/verify with OTP

2. Enter Your Name, Gender and Date of Birth and Click on Continue

3. Create your PHR address, Select your state and district and Click on Continue

Your ABHA is created and stored in the Desh Ka Doctor App for your future reference.

Know the benefits of creating ABHA (Health ID Card)?
Creating ABHA is the first step towards creating safer and efficient digital health records for you and your family. It provides you with:
  • 1

    Digital Health Records

    Access your information right from admission to treatment and discharge in a paperless manner

  • 2

    Consent based access

    Access to your health data is provided after your clear and informed consent. You have the ability to manage and revoke consent, if needed.

  • 3

    Secure and Private

    Built with robust security and encryption mechanisms and no information is shared without your consent.

  • 4

    Voluntary Opt-In

    Participate at your own free will and choose to create your ABHA voluntarily

  • 5

    Personal Health Records

    Access and link your Personal Health Records (PHR) with ABHA to create longitudinal health history

  • 6

    Inclusive access

    Available to people with smartphones, feature phones, and even no phones using assisted methods

Frequently Asked Questions
What is ABHA(Health ID)?

Under ABDM (Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission), individuals can create Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) to manage their health records. It is a 14 digit number which is used to uniquely identifying individuals, authenticating them, and threading their health records.

What are the complete benefits of having an ABHA Health ID Card?

    Check all private & public hospitals, clinics & other healthcare facilities in the country using the health facility registry.

  • Now you don't have to stand in line for filling out the hospital admission form. Just share with them your ABHA Health ID card.
  • Get all the offers and benefits that are offered by the government & private healthcare facilities linked to your ABHA Health ID card.
  • Doctors can access the complete health history of the existing diseases, previous treatment, medicines, discharge summary, tests and reports, etc. This can help them to provide you with a better & timely treatment.
  • Check the doctors' qualifications along with their details via the Healthcare Professional Registry (HPR), which is a repository of registered medical professionals, and all will be linked to your ABHA Health ID card.
  • Your ABHA Health ID card can also be used at AYUSH healthcare services, which include Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.
  • All medical records are completely confidential & private & can only be shared with a healthcare service provider only with your consent.

Why does ABDM(Health ID) allow a user to have multiple ABHA or Health IDs

Your Health Checkup report shall be available for download within 72 hours. Steps to download the report:User’s privacy is very important for ABDM, which believes that users are rightful owners of their data, and can make rational decisions associated with its use. As healthcare is a sensitive subject, ABDM does not want to restrict users and enable them to link different sets of health data with different ABHA or Health IDs. For instance, if a user wishes to use a separate ABHA to access data related to their sexual history, ABDM will allow this completely in such a case. However, to establish a better continuum of care, it is recommended to create & use only one ABHA or Health ID.

Are my health records safe and secure?

NDHM does not store any of your health records. Your health records are stored with healthcare information providers as per their retention policies, and are shared over the NDHM network with encryption mechanisms only after your express consent.

How long will the registration take?

You can complete the registration in less than a minute. You need to fill your basic details, and authenticate your Mobile Number or Aadhaar Number.

I am not able to login after entering incorrect Password three times?

You can try other modes of authentication for login, If you have been locked out of your ABHA(Health ID) account via Password. On three consecutive incorrect attempts at a time, the method of authentication (Mobile OTP or Password or Aadhaar OTP) gets disabled for 12 hours. You can use the remaining methods to login, as applicable. Note: You will not be able to login for 12 hours once you have been locked out from all three methods of login.


Create ABHA(Health ID)

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