Countering India's Language Problem In Accessing Healthcare

Admin May 30, 2022
Language Problem in Accessing Healthcare

Before and throughout the pandemic, people's perceptions of videoconferencing changed dramatically, from becoming disfavored owing to a lack of physical communication to being among the most favourite methods of healthcare provision. The advantages of online services were eventually recognized when, in the midst of a major disease outbreak, populations outside the municipal boundaries were given access to rapid and economical care. In today's world, people of all ages, from big cities to little communities, are visiting physicians on their smartphones and even conversing in their native tongue.

Why is this an issue in India?

The rich linguistic diversity in India implies that teleconsultation will come with its own set of good and bad. This means that there may not always be enough doctors and healthcare professionals available to make the right call in the language preferred by the patient. Not all people in the country can converse well in English, especially in terms of health where symptoms and problems need to be explained as clearly as possible.

Initially, this created a divide in teleconsultation. People preferred in-person visits since they would be on good linguistic terms with the doctor and not struggle to explain their problems. It is here that Desh Ka Doctor considerably bridged the gap. Here we have explained how we have worked towards rectifying this issue.

1. Improvements in the doctor-patient relationship

The linguistic service offers more straightforward care and, as a result, a better doctor-patient relationship. A doctor's ability to truly connect with such a patient – a principle that still keeps in-person appointments a preferred approach for many – is critical. Having prepared to describe themselves in one's mother language immediately gives people a sense of participation and confidence, which forms a link here between patients and practitioners during various exchanges, allowing for a better comprehension of the ailment and its causative factors.

In respect of discussions in native tongues against English, there's been a 40 percent-60 percent split. It is generally more pleasant for elderly individuals if the doctor speaks their native tongue. Desh Ka Doctor has been making efforts to ensure this consistency.

2. People from all walks of life prefer this solution.

Desh Ka Doctor’s indigenous translation product includes languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Bengali, and has accounted for 30% of the overall number of teleconsultations on the site. Even during the test period, we discovered that the app's vernacular functionality had received lots of applications.

Most of the people in India are native speakers, and it is imperative to bridge the language gap so they can access healthcare as well.

3. Testimonials prove the validity of the solution.

A number of clients have reached out to thank us for including this service. For a lot of people, during the second wave's climax, they experience throat pain and fever. A lot of them were alone at home with no other form of help. Then they considered doing a digital examination but were hesitant since they only spoke their native language and weren't sure if the internet tool would allow them to do so. They felt at ease to have been linked with doctors who spoke the same language. After several days of treatment, they were able to fully explain their situation and recovered.

4. Patients have a pleasant and reassuring interaction.

Doctors have also remarked how this can have a difference in diagnostic attitudes. Most people feel satisfied if the physician can speak their language. This improves the quality of care and the connection with the patient. Doctors have done consultations in native languages and the response they have gotten after these sessions has been very different from what they had gotten in English.

Therefore, Desh Ka Doctor is working to make sure people can access online healthcare more easily and take advantage of the digital revolution.


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