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Frequently Asked Questions
Where will I receive confirmation of date and time of vaccination?

After scheduling your appointment, you will receive the details date, time slot and Vaccination Center in an SMS sent to your registered mobile number. You will also get a messge on WhatsApp if you book it through The Appointment slip can be downloaded and store on the Desh Ka Doctor App in "My Vault" on your smart phone.

When can I download my International Travel Certificate?

The International Travel Certificates gets generated within 2 hours of your request. You can download your certificate 2 hours after applying for it and store them on the Desh Ka Doctor app.

Does the International Travel Certificate allows me to travel to all the countries?

You may be able to enter some countries with the Internaltional Travel Certificate, while you may have to provide a range of test results in others. Entry requirements vary across different countries.

Whos responsibility is to provide the vaccination certificate?

It is the responsibility of the Vaccination center to provide a printed copy of Vaccine certificate. The certificate is provided on the day of vaccination once your vaccination is done. Benifciries can insist on receiving the certificate at the center itself. In Private Hospitals, the charges for providing a printed copy of the certificate are included in the service charge for vaccination, so benificiaries need not pay the amount.

Why do I need a certificate of Vaccination?

The government issues a COVID Vaccine Certificate (CVC), which is an assurance to the beneficiary on the vaccination (type of vaccine used). The provisional certificate also provides the next vaccination due. The certificate of Vaccination (CVC) becomes an evidence for the benificiary to prove to any entities which may require proof of vaccination. This is specially observed in case of travel. You can download your vaccine certificate on Desh Ka Doctor app Vaccination is not only important to protect individuals from disease, but also reduces their risk of spreading the virus. There could be a requirement in near future to produce vaccination certificates for social interactions and International travel." To guarantee genuineness of the certificate, the certificate issued by CoWIN has built in security features which can be digitally verified using approved utilities, provided in CoWIN portal.

Can I get my second dose of Covid vaccinated in a different State or District?

Yes, you can get get your second dose in any State or District. However, you will only get vaccinated in the centers offering the same vaccine as was administered to you on your first dose.


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