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I wanted to buy medicine under cashless

Kindly ensure medicines in your order are eligible for cashless benefits. Please look for the below labels in medicine search while placing an order,

I missed the order confirmation call. Kindly arrange another call

If you had ordered by searching for medicines and adding to cart, your order does not need a confirmation call. Our agent will call only if there is an issue with your order. If you had ordered without searching for medicines or by directly uploading prescription, click below to enter order id/request id, name and mobile number separated by commas. Our customer support team will reach out to you

What are the types of hospitalization expenses typically covered by my policy?

Apart from hospitalization expenses, your health insurance policy may cover several other expenses (subject to terms and caps). Expenses associated with hospitalization can typically be classified as follows:

Pre-hospitalization expenses: When you’re unwell, you will most likely consult a physician first, who gets relevant investigations done before advising hospitalization. Such medical expenses incurred before hospitalization are called pre-hospitalization expenses.

Hospitalization expenses: All expenses incurred as part of your hospital stay as an in-patient can be termed as hospitalization expenses.

Post-hospitalization expenses: Some part of your treatment may extend beyond your hospitalization. It may involve follow-up visits to the doctor, prescription medication, further investigations, etc. Such medical expenses are called post-hospitalization expenses.

Domiciliary hospitalization expenses: This typically includes expenses related to domiciliary hospitalization – at-home medical treatment (for reasons such as inability to move the patient) for more than three days for cases which in the normal course would require hospitalization. The exact circumstances / terms / exclusions related to domiciliary hospitalization would be spelt out in your policy document.

How do I raise a reimbursement claim?

Although cashless hospitalization facility is available at the Medi Assist network of hospitals, you may sometimes need to use hospitals that are not in the Medi Assist network. Reimbursement claims may be filed in the following circumstances:

•Hospitalization at a non-network hospital

•Post- and pre-hospitalization expenses / domiciliary expenses that are not covered by your policy

•Denial of preauthorization for specific reasons. In such cases, you can claim a reimbursement after discharge.

•Intimate us about your impending claim.

•Present your Medi Assist e-card at the hospital during admission along with any other legally accepted identity card. Note: You can log into your Medi Assist online portal and click Generate E-Card to instantly generate and print out an e-card for any beneficiary.

•Submit your reimbursement claim online within 7 days from date of discharge.

•Send the original documents to Medi Assist within 30 days from the date of discharge from hospital.

•Track your claim in real-time.

•The medical team at Medi Assist processes the claim:
∙In case of approval, the amount is reimbursed either via NEFT or cheque (sent to the address mentioned in your policy).
∙In case your claim is denied, the denial letter is sent to you by courier / post / e-mail quoting the reason for denial of your claim.

How do I book an appointment for a COVID- 19 RT-PCR Swab Test?

We suggest that you book the appointment at least 2 days prior to the intended date.Please find the steps to book an appointment:

•Please log on to https://deshkadoctor.com/ or download the DeshkaDoctor app

•Select Covid-19 icon

•Choose Covid-19 RT-PCR Swab Test package

•Please click on the diagnostic centre of your choice

•You can select amongst options available for centre and home visits

•Choose from available slots

•Update your residential address (Incase home visit has been selected)

•Confirm your contact information

•Follow further steps for the payment

•Appointment request raised

How should I book an appointment for a Lab test/Health Checkup?

Your Health Checkup report shall be available for download within 72 hours. Steps to download the report:

  • Select the Profile icon on the top-right corner
  • Select Track orders
  • Select Download Report

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