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Admin July 4, 2022
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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are becoming accustomed to using electronic health records and other digital healthcare tools for monitoring and improving their health. With the help of services provided by businesses such as Desh Ka Doctor, people can now consult with licensed medical professionals whenever and wherever they need them. As new opportunities for supplementary healthcare are finally opening as the size and scope of technological advantages in the healthcare system continue to expand.

Admission and discharge can be processed quickly and easily with Desh Ka Doctor
Even if secondary care practices can be easily controlled if diagnosed and treated, doing so consists of several currently disorganized steps, from prognosis to post-recovery therapies.
Furthermore, given the existence of highly skilled surgeons, patients may still encounter challenges in locating the most appropriate physician for their particular ailment and subsequently planning surgery at a center equipped with the most up-to-date facilities and all supporting equipment. It also assumes that patients have easy access to quality services and are given the information and guidance they need to make informed decisions at each point of contact.

Desh Ka Doctor is a useful tool for filling these gaps in healthcare
Care is given to patients from beginning to end, both before and after surgery, and they are given individualized attention throughout the process. Designated Individual Care Workers help make this kind of all-encompassing care possible for their respective patients. As the patient's only point of contact, these Associates expertly collaborate the entire surgical process with the various parties involved, such as the doctors, doctors, and health insurers, to provide a smooth and comprehensive level of care.

Improve the quality and accessibility of secondary healthcare
Since there is a great deal of incoherence in India's supplementary health care delivery, patients may put off necessary surgical procedures out of fear of high costs or lengthy and complicated insurance claims. Having anyone on your side who can do things like negotiating better prices, getting you better loans, and streamlining your insurance documentation is invaluable in this situation.

Reforming healthcare so that it focuses not only on patients but also on physicians
Providing high-quality healthcare services requires a radical shift away from the current model, which is pushed by isolated silos of effort within a disjointed infrastructure. We're not stopping at accelerating this shift, nor are we done investigating the possibilities it presents for the care continuum as a whole, which includes patients, medical professionals, and institutions such as medical centers.

One of the main goals was to ensure that surgeons have the resources they need to provide patients with the best possible surgical care in modern, safe facilities. By taking care of things like informing family members of patients' conditions, helping to book operating rooms, arranging for health spending and loan repayments if necessary, booking follow-up consultations, and more, we free up doctors to focus solely on patients.

Thus, Desh Ka Doctor takes healthcare delivery beyond just being patient-centric by making it doctor-focused as well, ushering in a new model in which providers work together inclusively to serve their patients better. The secondary healthcare landscape has changed, and with it comes a chance to not only enhance existing capabilities but also to better serve patients.


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